How to Thicken Ganache

How to Thicken Ganache? – Simple Ways

Those who bake cakes know how disheartening it is to see that the ganache you have prepared is too runny for the cake. Ganache is a mixture of fresh cream and chocolate in proportions depending on the type of consistency one desires. Some people like thin and runny ganache as it add a glaze when used to cover the  while some people want thick consistency of ganache to use it in between the layers of cake or to make truffle cakes.

How to Thicken Ganache?

How is Ganache made?

Ganache is generally made by taking 1 part of the chocolate and  1 part of the cream in short take equal parts of chocolate and cream. Any chocolate can be used but make sure that the chocolate is of premium quality. Chocolate compounds, bars or even chocolate shaving can be used to make the ganache. The consistency of the ganache also depends upon the type of the chocolate you use.

For making Ganache, take the cream in the pan and heat it. Once the cream is hot pour it over the chopped or shredded chocolate. Mix it properly as the chocolate melts and keep stirring it till it has soft silk-like consistency. And voila your fresh batch of ganache is ready to use for cakes, candies, mousse, etc.

How to thicken Ganache when it is runny?

There are a lot of instances where people end up with making a thin and runny ganache which makes their work tough as such ganache cannot be used in between the layers of the cake.

Most of the times such consistency is due to the chocolate that is used to make the ganache. There are many ways that you can use to improve the thickness of ganache. I am going to list down all the methods along with its steps down below:

1. Changing the proportions of the chocolate and cream


It is suggested that the proportions of chocolate and cream should be in 2:1 if you want to make the ganache for truffles. Changing the portions or increasing the proportion of the chocolate in ganache helps in thickening it.

Similarly, if you want to make a thin and runny ganache, the proportion of the cream will be more than the chocolate while making it. You can keep this ganache in fridge and warm it up before the use. After warming check its consistency and add chocolate shavings if the consistency is thin.

Note : Sometimes using two parts of chocolates can result in very thick ganache in that case you can use 1 and a half parts of chocolate and 1 part of whipped cream.

2. Reheating Ganache and thickening it

reheating chocalate

If in case you have already made the ganache and you can’t follow method one then you can try this method to adjust the consistency. In this method take ganache and heat it. Start adding chocolate and keep stirring it. Once you feel that enough chocolate has been added and ganache is no longer runny, you can stop adding the chocolate.

Keep the ganache to cool down and warm it up before using it.

I hope this article helped you in finding the way to make the consistency of ganache thick. Also, keep in mind that ganache should not be overheated or it will result in hard and dry which will be very difficult to use.

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